12/06/2017 Top 10 Easy SEO Tips For Local Businesses: 

07/06/2017 A new website for PIE Performance on it's way 

PIE Performance based in Suffolk have asked it'seeze Ipswich to re design their old website, add a shop and make it super mobile friendly. 
Look out for the new website with lots of lovely pictures of Porsche's!  

24/04/2017 A new website for Eurotech Spares Ltd based in Bury St Edmunds 

Eurotech Spares Ltd handle many types of reverse logistics including; customer returns, redundant equipment and excess stock across all business sectors.  
Our aim is to optimise the recovery value on all items we handle on your behalf while meeting all environmental standards and safety requirements along the way. 

24/03/2017 It'seeze working with Binder Ipswich 

it'seeze Ipswich are very pleased to be working with Binder based in Ipswich. 
The new Commerce website will be fully mobile friendly with a combined area for clients to purchase Binder products and services. Look out for the new website link coming here very soon. 

03/03/2017 It'seeze working with Crow Environmental Ipswich 

it'seeze Ipswich are really pleased to be working with Crow Environmental Services based in Ipswich. 
The new brochure website is designed to be fully mobile friendly with a combined area for clients based in the USA and Canada. Look out for the new website link coming soon. 

24/02/2017 It'seeze Clients can now add Tidio Chat to their website... 

If you're a Max or Commerce website client then it is now possible to add the Tidio Live Chat widget to your it'seeze website. 
Tidio is a free live chat solution that gives your customers the opportunity to contact you in real-time. 
The Tidio widget will help you to provide first-rate customer service by letting you respond straight away to queries and messages. 
To find out how to add Tidio Live Chat to your website, please click here... 
If you're on our Lite package and would like to benefit from this new feature, please contact us on Ipswich 01473 845123 to upgrade to our Max or Commerce Package. 

18/02/2017 A New Website for SPR Trailer Services Ltd 

Based in Felixstowe, with offices in Harwich, Immingham, Purfleet & Tilbury SPR Trailer Services offer servicing for most types of trucks and trailers. With competitive rates that will give significant savings against main dealer charges. 
Designed on the fantastic it'seeze platform the new SPR website will to be fully mobile and Google friendly allowing SPR to update their website at any time.  
Look out for the new, improved SPR website coming very soon. 

11/01/2017 A New Website for The Dent Men Ipswich 

Our very first new client for 2017 is being created for the Dent Men, based here in Ipswich. 
We are really pleased to be assisting The Dent Men on their new website project. Their previous website was well over three years old and a lot of the content needed updating however the most important update to the new website is to make it mobile friendly. 
New website now live, see here... www.dentmen.co.uk 

16/11/2016 it'seeze Ipswich Christmas update. 

We’re closing our Ipswich office for the Christmas break from 5pm on Thursday 22nd December. 
it'seeze clients can still access our fantastic web support site, or you can email us and we will respond on the January 3rd.  
Happy Christmas and NY everyone! 

16/11/2016 A new website for Crisp Windows Ipswich 

Crisp Windows in Ipswich have asked it'seeze to design their new website based on our fantastic mobile friendly CMS.  
The old Crisp Windows website was created a number of years ago and needed to be refreshed with updated services, testimonials, and examples of recent work, as well as being made both Google and mobile friendly.  
Look out for the new website coming soon! 

08/11/2016 Adding a blog to your it'seeze website 

it'seeze Max and Commerce responsive websites now have a blog feature that can be added without extra cost or development. 
The clever guys at it'seeze Head Office have developed a fully integrated blog solution that's really easy to set up and run. 
They have also created a video that helps clients understand how to set up and manage their new blog. Watch the video to learn more: 

23/08/2016 Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web 

Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web. On August 23, 1991, new users for the first time were able to access the Web. The occasion is also known as Internaut Day. 

09/08/2016 A new website for Joanna's Canine Design 

Having provided professional dog grooming services in Sudbury and surrounding villages for a few years now, Joanna's Canine Design asked it'seeze to design a brand new, mobile-friendly website that would help them to promote their services locally and further afield. 
You can view the new website here, 

28/07/2016 - A new logo, branding and website on its way 

Simply Stylish, a new company based in Suffolk, have asked it'seeze Ipswich to help them design their new website, as well as establish their brand style and logo. 
We have now created the new logo and we are working on the website - look out for the link soon. 

17/05/2016 - A new website designed for Leap Quest Solutions 

Leap Quest Solutions, based in Ipswich, asked it'seeze to design their new website and finalise their new logo and brand, and we are pleased to confirm that the new website is now live. 
You can see the website and read more about Leap Quest Solutions services here.  

12/05/2016 - A new website designed for Pinnacle Classics Limited 

Pinnacle Classics Limited's aim is to make the purchase and restoration of classic cars a high quality straightforward process. 
Honesty and transparency are at the heart of their business practice. They take pleasure in offering help and advice on the purchase, restoration or sale of vehicles from the most modest purchase right up to prestige marques. 
Click here to view the new website. 

06/04/2016 - A new website designed for 2xcite Ltd  

2xcite asked it'seeze Ipswich to design a new e-commerce website for their business as the old website was a few years old and was not easy to update and manage.  
Look out for the new website coming soon! 

18/03/2016 - A new website and logo created for The Style Coach Ipswich 

The Style Coach asked it'seeze Ipswich to design a logo for their new business as well as a brand new brochure website to showcase their range of services.  
Initially we created 5 examples before the chosen logo was tweaked and finalised, and the new website is almost ready to view, we are just testing it across the mobile platforms. Look out for the new website coming soon! 

04/03/2016 - What's Google+ and why should you bother? 

Most business owners I talk to have never even heard of Google+ (Google’s version of Facebook) so I normally explain it like this... 
If Facebook and Twitter are happening house parties full of the coolest people dancing the night away then Google+ would be that party where no one turned up! 
So why bother with Google+ I hear you say? No one wants to be seen at that kind of party right? 
There is a VIP at the Google+ house party and as a business we need to be engaging with them regularly, and that's the very important and powerful Mr Google… 
So by updating and interacting on Google+ regularly, you are telling Mr Google that you are an active, progressive company. In our opinion, this will help your business when your are trying to climb the Google ladder. 
Just a couple of tips to help: 
1) Make sure all your content is engaging and relevant to your company and services. 
2) Make sure all content is totally unique - Google detects duplication and hates it big time! 
3) Try to use images and/or video where you can, and try to link back to your website as often as possible. 
If you would like it'seeze to review your Google+ and any other social platforms you are currently using to promote your business at no obligation, just fill in the form below: 

Yes please, review my social platforms for free: 

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27/01/2016 - A new website designed for Red Plant Sales 

it'seeze Ipswich are pleased to be working with Red Plant Sales, who are based in Essex but serve Ipswich, Suffolk and Cambridge - their new website can be viewed here. 
Red Plant supply all makes of used plant equipment, including JCB, CAT, Case, Volvo, and Kubota. They also hold stocks of mini diggers, excavators, backhoe loaders, telescopic forklifts, dumpers, and loading shovels.  

10/12/2015 - A new website designed for Safeaid UK 

it'seeze Ipswich are pleased to be working with Safeaid UK - we have designed their new website and it can be viewed here. 
Let SafeAid UK help your business with construction Health & Safety compliance. They listen to your needs, therefore everything they recommend is built bespoke to you and your business. 

10/12/2015 - Website and branding for a new company in Ipswich 

it'seeze Ipswich are pleased to reveal the new company website for Fullrays Leaflet Distribution, based in Ipswich and covering Colchester.  
Fullrays also asked it'seeze to create their new logo and branding. View the new Fullrays website on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer here. 

08/12/2016 - Starting a new business in 2016? 

If you are about to launch your new business, one thing you’ll need is a fantastic new website to help you promote your services. 
it'seeze are here to help - our website packages are designed specifically for new SMEs who understand the important of a flexible website but who also require some local support. 
Contact us for more information on 01206 512093 or fill in the form here. 

05/11/2015 - An explosive new website for West End Leasing 

West End Leasing are our latest Ipswich client to go mobile friendly with a new look and fading image banner added in for effect.  
Try out the new website on your mobile telephone, tablet, computer, or TV to see how the unique it'seeze CMS handles the various screen sizes. 
27/10/2015 - Thank you WDL 
Here at it'seeze, we’re big on keeping it local, as supporting and recommending other reliable businesses in the area helps everyone. 
This week we need to say a big thank you to WDL for the very nice bottle of Rioja they sent over following a recommendation we passed their way. Cheers WDL and thank you! 

30/09/15 - How to boost your Google Ranking - Part Two 

In part one we looked at how to improve your Title Tags, Description Text, and Alt Tags to boost your SEO.  
This time we're looking at Content, Header Tags, and Keywords. To boost your Google Ranking, check out the video here! 

23/09/15 - Is your Broadband super-fast or super-slow…? 

This BBC article on BT’s promises around broadband speed in the UK caught our eye.  
BT have made pledges this week to make the UK the “fastest broadband nation” after being criticised by competitors about the quality of UK broadband.  
The article outlines some of BT’s plans which include aiming for a new universal minimum broadband speed of 5-10Mbps, plus 10 million premises to receive speeds of between 300-500Mbps by the end of 2020, with 1Gbps also provided. 
Even if your current speed isn’t as good as you’d like, don’t worry!  
it'seeze websites are designed to load super fast. All images are resized to look great on any size screen and be web-friendly.  
Any video content is hosted from external sources rather than being embedded in your site and we use HTML5 to build our sites because it’s fast loading. Google loves a fast-loading site which improves your search engine ranking. 
So, is your Broadband super-fast or super-slow? 

16/09/15 - The dark art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Part One 

No doubt you’ve had calls from various companies promising you that they can work magic on your SEO to boost your Google rankings (we get those calls too!).  
Your it'seeze website will have the basics set up for you, but there’s loads you can do to improve the SEO yourself without needing to hire expensive consultants to do it for you.  
Have a look at this video which guides you through setting up Title Tags and Page Descriptions as well as Alt Tags for your images. Look out for more on SEO in part two... 

09/09/15 - Find out if you’re a compulsive mobile phone checker! 

We’ve been enjoying an article in the Telegraph suggesting we Brits check our phones 27 times a day on average. Apparently some of us check our phones 100s of times each day and the favourite place to do it is on public transport.  
A third of us will admit to checking our phones in a restaurant and worryingly, 20% of 18-24 year-olds say they check their phones when crossing the road! You can take a quiz to see if you’re a compulsive phone checker and if you check your phone more than is normal for your age.  
We did the quiz here at it'seeze Ipswich, and apparently we check our phones more than average! The article, based on a report by Deloitte, reflects our own observations of how modern touchscreen smart phones have so quickly become an essential part of our lives, enabling us to do all kinds of tasks from our phones that we previously could only do from a laptop or PC, including shopping for products and services.  
All the more reason to consider a mobile-friendly responsive website for your business if you haven’t already! Check out the article and quiz here and if you’d like more information about responsive websites, click here and watch the video at the bottom of the page. 

02/09/2015 - We love the new logo from Google 

In the official blog, Google describe their new logo, as simple, friendly, colourful, uncluttered and "googley". The new look will work better on any sized screen and reflects the huge increases in numbers of people using mobile devices to surf the web. We love the new look. What do you think? 

27/03/2015 - A brand new website for Brookside Preschool Ipswich 

Brookside Preschool based in Ipswich have asked it'seeze to create a fun, colourful new website based on an outdoor theme. The website will have a news section to help update parents, a staff section, and a gallery to show prospective parents pictures of the nursery. Look out for an update here very soon.p 

04/03/2015 - A new website for Site Sales Personnel Ltd 

Site Sales Personnel Ltd are a specialist recruitment agency whose main function is to provide property developers with sales consultants on a temporary or full-time basis to cover new home development sites. 
Their new website is now in production and should be live within one month. 

21/01/2015 - Was your website created on one of these? 

With the internet moving forward at lightning speed and user experience/expectations changing all the time, it’s really important that your company website doesn't get left behind. 
If your website was created more than a couple of years ago, it’s probably starting to show its age, so it may be time to review and update. 
If you are lucky enough to be an it'seeze client you won’t need to worry as our team are always busy upgrading our Content Management System (CMS) with the latest tools and tech that will keep your website one step ahead of your competition. 

16/01/2015 - Time to update the website for MJ Enoch 

MJ Enoch, who specialise in tree surgery and landscaping for both domestic and commercial clients, have asked it'seeze Ipswich to redesign their old website, update their range of services, and update their picture gallery. 
Based between Ipswich and Colchester in Bradfield, MJ Enoch are perfectly located to assist clients in North Essex and South Suffolk. Check back soon to see the new website. 

12/01/2015 - A new website for Wilson Electrical 

it'seeze have been asked to create a new website for Wilson Electrical, who are based outside Ipswich in Dedham. Wilson Electrical, who have been trading for 20 years, provide a full range of commercial and domestic electrical services in Ipswich and Colchester, these include PAT testing, fire alarms, commercial installations, and domestic projects. 
Their new website will be designed to show a full range of electrical services. Check back soon for the new website.