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Yes that's right, websites have trends and fashions just like many other things in life. We want to talk about whats hot right now or has been around a while but continues to flourish and give you a sense of whether the trend is likely to stay based on it's pros and level of functionality. 
Thumb Reach  
This may sound odd at first as we are used to talking about responsive websites, which adjust on a mobile phone. A thumb friendly website takes function and the user experience a step further. When you think about it we use our phone single handed a lot, and therefore it makes sense for website actions to be within that thumb region. So, if you want people to respond to a call to action or find out more for example, then it is worth getting your web designer to ensure that your website navigation is thumb friendly. If you have a button in far corner at the top of the mobile version of your website, it is time to think about whether that is within our natural thumb reach. Picture your client with a coffee in one hand and trying to access your products or services in the other and then thumb friendly navigation becomes clear! And finally, if Google as on to it then you know this trend is going to be around for a while, click here to see Tech Radar's piece on Google Chrome
Dark Mode 
While continuing to think about the use of websites on mobile devices and the movement to make a user's experience the very best that it can possibly be, our thoughts turn to the visual. The trend a few years back for white space on websites is turning, as the realisation has set in that a dark background and bright, larger font is easier to see on the go. The lower levels of light emitted in dark mode can be easier on the eyes as we are not having to strain. We expect this direction to continue as we soar through 2021.  
A Fast, Secure Website  
This is certainly not a new kid on the block and we know that customers like speed at their fingertips. Your website needs to load quickly and be secure. Put simply, if it does not then you are likely to lose business. So to make a better first impression and to stop losing prospects because of a slow website, make this a priority. 
Reaching all users and being inclusive is a requirement that continues to be a huge consideration for web designers and rightly so. To learn more, see our Accessibility Blog posted recently.  
Keep Your Visuals Simple and Seamless 
Gone are the sharp edges and the focus is starting to soften, have you noticed? Less is more but our interactions are moving to a friendlier more cosy platform. We are seeing animations, soft organic shapes and simple data tables rather than over complicated graphics and pop ups that made us almost jump a while back! In the overall design of a website, shape can help to make certain elements of a page stand out and this is so important as we look for subtle nods and prompts for our users. 
As with all trends, it is worth examining the bigger picture with your web designer before shooting from the hip. Any changes should be cross referenced with your branding and of course your existing marketing strategy to ensure consistency. As a business owner, your website should support your goals and crucially those of your clients. To talk about the effectiveness of your website, a new website for your business or anything else in between, please get in touch
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