Ipswich web designer
it'seeze Ipswich handle every step of creating your website, from understanding your business to design. When the work is done and you have a brand new, modern, responsive, secure and stunning website, you quite rightly want to start marketing it. 
We are advocates of getting your website live as soon as possible and our dedicated team stay in touch to ensure that the content and images represent you and your business perfectly, in order to attract customers who require your product or services. When we press the button your website will be live within 48 hours, sometimes it is quicker but there is a process involved. So, when we say that we will press the button, what do we mean and what exactly goes on behind the scenes? 
1. We go into our administration system and press the button to set the website live. 
2. Our Designers review and sign off the website to go live. 
3. Our Developers mark the site as live on our servers. 
4. In order to transfer the services, our Support Team carry out their processes. 
5. The website goes live minus the SSL certificate. 
6. The SSL certificate is added within 24 hours as per the Cloudflare automated process. 
7. Domain Propagation, which can take around 48 hours. More on this in our expert blog
8. You receive an email from our administration system to tell you that the website is live. 
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