We have recently been gifted a copy of Boss It by Carl Reader so we though that we would share some things that stuck with us from the start of the book. 
The book is marketed at people who want to 'control your time, your income and your life'. Top reasons why many SMEs exist and are being created at a faster rate than ever before. An introduction has been added to address the coronavirus pandemic and to give advice to business owners. The message is that in times of economic struggle you may be forced back to the time when you started your business, and you may be setting similar goals and looking at similar growth strategies all over again. Whatever your situation it is always good to know that others are thinking along the same lines or have had the same thoughts. 
On the theme of 'what is normal?' and 'am I the only one?' type thoughts, Carl brilliantly encourages novices or the risk averse to take the plunge, but he is realistic with them. Dreams of being hands off after you have established your business, rarely come to fruition and even in companies who turnover tens of millions, the senior person is often still very hands on. Similarly with notions of quitting the rat race and the 9-5. In reality your life will get harder in terms of the demands of your business and it is normal to lose some of your weekend. We know that this is the case from people that we speak to and we think that it reinforces to all the hardworking folk that it is normal to work long hours, and it isn't necessarily because you can't say no or because you are not organised. It is a reality of working for yourself. 
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