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Handy Pro Service is an Ipswich based company who provide an extensive range of handyman and home improvement services across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. They do everything from oven cleaning to garden makeovers and are a great contact to have for large and small jobs. Working with Handy Pro Service got us thinking about about all of the the other trades out there and what they need to make their website a success. 
Firstly, in the the trade industry many will ask, "Do I even need a website?". Many people run a business via social media, however, they will never know the slice of the market that they are missing. Lots of people will not do business with someone just based on a social media page. Particularly, if you are going into someone's home to carry out your job. Having a website makes you credible, as does having an email address that matches your business domain name and a land line phone number in the areas that you want to work in. The latter also highlights that you are local and therefore credible. On this subject, being transparent with your pricing and having reviews that are easily available to your clients, also helps to build trust. 
When embarking on any project, as the old saying goes, 'buy cheap, buy twice'. We see this so often with tradespeople who have tried to do a self build or DIY website and have no experience in web design or web copy writing. They also report that nothing is really ever free and we are often surprised at the cost of the so called 'free', DIY providers. 
There are a few approaches to designing a website that will work from your perspective. You either plan out exactly what you want and dedicate the time to finalising the website until it goes live. After all, you are paying for it, so it makes sense to make it work for you. You may be busy so decide to get the website to an acceptable point and then set it live, while planning to add more pages and content at a later date. The question there is, when will you add the additional content? Do you have a break in your day job planned to work on promoting your business? If not then the next option is probably the way to go. You could work with a company like it'seeze and pay for a great, finished website that is optimised and starts working for you straight away. In our experience, all of these methods result in a live website and how you want to do it is certainly food for thought. 
If we take a look at Handy Pro Service, the website looks great and reflects the work that they do. They have some beautifully designed service pages on the website and have the flexibility of adding more at any time. They can also build up the website to include landing pages. Handy Pro Service has taken out our most popular website package, which is called the Max. With unlimited pages and images it is a wise choice for people who want to show their work in a gallery or a portfolio. With a smaller website, you will quickly run out of storage and space. Search engines, like Google, love updated websites with new and unique content. So it makes sense to showcase your work and label it as work completed in Norwich, Bury St Edmunds or Chelmsford, for example. People like to see real work and know that you work in their area. Handy Pro Service show people where they are based, using a map on their Contact Us page, which again serves to promote a local business. 
As with your work, whether you are also a handyman or a builder for example, you want to promote your website in areas such as Essex, Suffolk, Norwich, London and Cambridgeshire. You may be contacted by sales teams, who will be promising you that you can be at the top of Google. However, if someone is looking at your website in Edinburgh or India, that is unlikely to convert into a sale for you, unless you provide services in those areas. At it'seeze, we sell basic website packages (still bespoke in design), to startup companies and comprehensive larger websites to those who are established. We have a myriad of add on services from SEO to digital marketing and we are always honest about the outcomes and what can be achieved for your budget. So, if you are running a business via Facebook or have a website that is not generating appointments, then it's time for a change. We would suggest having a conversation, in the first instance and then we can learn more about your business and put together our proposal to help get you found and selling your services online. 
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