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At it'seeze Ipswich, we often get asked our thoughts on the colours that people can use on their website.  
During our free face to face consultation, we learn about your business and who you are marketing to. This is key and can help to solve the problem of what colour scheme to use. It is important to consider your audience and your message as part of the design brief. 
Below are some common emotions associated with certain colours: 
Yellow - optimistic, youthful, inviting and warm 
Red - increased heart rate, passion, excitement, aggression, urgency and energy. 
Blue - serenity, loyalty, calm, security, trust and dependable. 
Green - health, wealth, peace and growth  
Orange - impulsive, confident and urgency 
Black - sleek, powerful, sophisticated and elegant 
Purple - calming ,wise, soothing, decadent and imaginative 
White - spaciousness, freedom, balance, cleanliness and simplicity 
For further inspiration, why not take a look at the it'seeze Ipswich portfolio to see how we have used colour in the best way for local businesses. If you want to chat about our services or arrange a free consultation please call 01473 845 123. 
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