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That is the question...  
Many small business owners wear a marketing hat and do extremely well running social media accounts and posting some adverts. However, it is always worth considering the alternative. Should these business owners outsource marketing and focus on the day to day running of their business instead? We look at some of the pros to help SMEs decide if getting external help could be a winner for them. 
Employing a marketeer, whether full time or part time is a commitment. Actually, if you need a few hours per week then why not pay as you go? You can also increase or decrease marketing activity depending on your business need.  
You are Not Tied Down 
Often, there is little or no long term commitment when partnering with a marketing firm. Therefore you can manage your costs easily or redirect them to another investment if required. 
Great For Home Based Businesses  
When you outsource there are no office rental and utilities costs to worry about and manage. Plus, if you are on site offering your services (for a example a trades person) or you are home based, you are not worrying about managing an employee in a different location. 
A Good Use Of Time 
Think about why you started your business and your core skills. If marketing is a chore or you are better at something else, then it may be that your time is better spent doing what you excel at and enjoy. Isn't that why you started the business after all? Maybe outsourcing tasks like marketing is worth considering in terms of managing your time? 
Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck 
If you are an SME then you and your team are probably used to switching hats when needed. Marketing is a huge machine and by outsourcing you get the specialist skill sets in the field that you would struggle to get in house in such a broad range. 
If you are considering outsourcing your marketing then feel free to speak with it'seeze Ipswich to see if you like what we can offer. 
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