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December is a great time to stack up your social media posts and really connect with your clients and followers. 
But what can I post, I hear you cry?! Fear not, our handy list below is coming to the rescue! 
1. Thank your followers, clients and partners for their contribution this year and wish them seasons greetings. 
2. Blog, blog, blog and share, share,share. It really is that simple. Whoever you get to write your blogs should be doing a regular piece for you. This is your content to share and don't be afraid to share it more than once if you think that it is useful and interesting. 
3. It is the end of the year, so a Dec update, a Q4 update or a 2021 update its up to you! 
4. Alternatively, you can share your plans for 2022. 
5. Are you running any December or January promotions or offers? 
6. Do you have any job vacancies? 
7. Can you share a case study to show how your products or services have improved life or business for one of your clients? 
8. As an expert in your field, what hints and tips can you write about that others will not know about? 
9. Who is in your team? Get behind the scenes and let everyone see real life at your work place. 
10. Tell everyone about your client events, industry events or your Christmas party. People love pictures and videos, so don't be shy but of course keep it professional! 
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