Based in or around Ipswich or Bury St. Edmunds? Let's work together.  
An it'seeze website is the perfect solution if you're based in or around Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, or Sudbury and you are just beginning a new business venture and/or want to grow your current business online 
Our websites are designed especially for SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) who understand the importance of having a professional, custom designed website but who don't want to pay, or simply cannot afford to invest, thousands of pounds upfront.  
Read on for just some of the benefits of working with it'seeze Web Design Ipswich: 

Professional web design 

Did you know that if people don't like what they see when landing on a website then it will only take them 3-5 seconds to click off? 
If your company website is designed correctly, loads quickly, and is instantly engaging, then people are more likely to explore your website and fulfill a desired action - for example, filling in an inquiry form or purchasing a product. 
Hiring a professional web design company to create your website will pay dividends, as it will deliver the correct impression of your business. 

Affordable website prices 

The number one concern for any new business is to keep cash in the bank, as poor cash flow management can be one of the main reasons that a business fails. 
With this in mind, all it'seeze packages are based on a low upfront cost and then an affordable monthly payment plan. 
Each website package includes hosting, email management, and local support, so you are never left on your own, even once your website is up and running. 

Ensure your website is seen 

We see it all too often, websites that look great but never get seen. You may as well open a shop on the moon! 
Your website needs to be found by potential customers searching on the web for your services and/or products. All it'seeze websites make it simple for people to find you online when searching for the keywords that best reflect your business. This practice is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 
SEO is a big subject. For more information, watch our helpful video guide. 

A website review every 3 months 

Got a website but can't contact your original designer because they've disappeared into cyberspace? 
As small businesses become more dependent on their online marketing, it’s really important to have regular contact with your web design company. 
it'seeze Web Design Ipswich will review your website at least every three months. We will then make any useful suggestions to help enhance your website. It's all part of the customer-focused service you get with it'seeze Web Design Ipswich. 

Take control with an editable website 

The last thing you need as a small business is to pay by the hour every time you want to make a change to your website. 
As a small or new business, your range of services, your message, and your direction may change regularly, so you need to be able to reflect this within your website quickly and economically. 
The best way to do this is to take control of your website content via a website editor, or 'Content Management System', that allows you to edit content yourself at any time with no cost. There are many CMS platforms out there and some can be very difficult to use. 
The it’seeze website editor has been evolving for over 10 years with a focus on ease-of-use and is exclusively available from it’seeze. 

Local, ongoing website support across Ipswich and Bury St. Edmunds 

We often get calls from companies who have set up a site on a DIY website builder. They are either frustrated about the support available, or the website is incomplete and unsuitable for publishing. Most want a local company to sort it out. 
+ We are a local web design company - based right here in Ipswich, Suffolk 
+ Our servers (the place where your website is stored) are based in the UK 
+ We only work with other local businesses that are in or around the Ipswich area so that we can meet with you to better understand your business and provide ongoing support 

These are the main reasons so many new businesses in Suffolk partner with it’seeze Web Design Ipswich to create and manage their website. 

Our website packages are flexible, so as your business expands and grows, your it’seeze website can keep pace, and with no large setup costs you can have an affordable website that will positively represent you online. 
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