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Most business owners I talk to have never even heard of Google+ (Google’s version of Facebook) so I normally explain it like this... 
If Facebook and Twitter are happening house parties full of the coolest people dancing the night away then Google+ would be that party where no one turned up! 
So why bother with Google+ I hear you say? No one wants to be seen at that kind of party right? 
There is one very important point we are missing 
There is a VIP at the Google+ house party and as a business we need to be engaging with them regularly, and that's the very important and powerful Mr Google… 
So by updating and interacting on Google+ regularly, you are telling Mr Google that you are an active, progressive company. In our opinion, this will help your business when your are trying to climb the Google ladder. 
Just a couple of tips to help: 
1) Make sure all your content is engaging and relevant to your company and services. 
2) Make sure all content is totally unique - Google detects duplication and hates it big time! 
3) Try to use images and/or video where you can, and try to link back to your website as often as possible. 
If you would like it'seeze to review your Google+ and any other social platforms you are currently using to promote your business at no obligation, just fill in the form below: 

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