Here at it'seeze Ipswich, we often talk to local small businesses, who operate their entire online marketing from just a Facebook business page. They are keen to understand consumer habits and why a website can work to boost their online presence. We like to educate people to ensure that they realize that a website is a hub, from which they can use social media platforms to reach potential customers. 
In a world where privacy is becoming more and more relevant, using a social media platform restricts your audience down to only users of that platform. In terms of credibility, many customers will look for a website link from a social media account.  
They like to see a responsive website where they do not need to pinch or scroll the screen, when looking on a mobile phone or tablet. Once on the website FAQs offer a self-serve element for example, and logos for certification and affiliations give the assurance that you are a reputable, trusted supplier or trades person. Even your email address being a professional address linked to your domain name implies that the customer is dealing with an established brand. 
In terms of your window to the world, your website also enables you to blog, which can assert your credibility and people may find you online thanks to this unique website content. Once on the website, the user should be compelled to explore your offering and ultimately get in touch.  
On any social media platform the experience is so busy and there are many social interactions, that users can be easily distracted or cannot find what they were looking for. You also need to understand the algorithms to target your audience, but trial and error in defining a highly engaged target audience on social media can quickly drain your marketing budget.  
So when people ask us whether they need a Facebook Business Page or a website, we advise them that they will benefit from both. There are huge gains to be had from any social media account that is maintained and updated regularly. Your website should be central to your marketing strategy and for some of the reasons covered in this article, can really cement your professional image and show credibility, which is essential to gain the trust of any potential buyer.  
Our websites are fully responsive, so they work on all screen sizes. We can also create up to 5 professional email addresses, included in your website package. Please take a look at our work here to get a flavour of how we've helped so many other local businesses.  
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